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English 8b & 8c w.36-38

During these weeks we are watching and working with the film This is England.

Here are some question up for discussion next week.


/ Leila

English 8b, 8c & 8e w.36-37

Summer oh Summer



Engelska 7c & 7e

Här kommer planeringen över nästa område =)

Talk Show



7c Engelska: läxa till tisdag 26/4

Last task:

Choose a topic to write about in class. Bring a mind map on Tuesday. You’ve got two hours to finish your text.

  1. If you were Coraline, what would your other world look like? Describe your real parents and your other parents. How did you get there? Why are you caught? What will you do to be released?
  1. What’s your general impression of the story? Write your own thoughts, explain your opinions. If you could change it, what would it be?
  1. After seeing the movie: compare the movie and the book!

Motivate your thoughts, and write at least one page!

Things to help you write the last exercise

  • Themes- Ex, love, hate, friendship, power, envy,,
  • Is there anything in the story that you personally can relate to?
  • Is there other stories you can compare this story to?

English 7b, 7c & 7e

Engelska Realia Matris

Engelska 7b, 7c & 7e: läxa v.5

Nu gäller det för er att fördjupa er ordentligt inom det område ni valt! Er läxa är att leta en massa fakta till er presentation v7-v8. Jag vill ha er text på mail senast v.7.


Det är viktigt att alla håller deadline så att vi hinner presentera innan sportlovet. Behöver du hjälp (utöver lektionstid) står mitt klassrum öppet på bonustiden 14.55-15.40 varje torsdag!


Hur detta/denne har förändrat världen

Egen slutdiskussion med analys och jämförelser

English 7b, 7c & 7e

Here are the WORDS for next week! (7c &7e 26/1, 7b  28/1)

Miss L

English 7b, 7c & 7e

Realia åk7

During this period we will learn more about the English speaking world. You will learn about these countries, historical events, life, cultural phenomena and social relations etc. Choose which area you want to learn more about and share this with the class.

Learn these words for next class!

South Africa



C U L8A’

7c Veckobrev v.49

Hej, här kommer Veckobrev v. 49!

Ha en fin vecka,


English 7b, 7c & 7e

During the following weeks we’re going to work with Fairy Tales (planner!)

Your first homework is to learn THE WORDS and to watch some fairy tales (…with a twist) below:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Goldilocks an the Three Bears

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf


Check out which fairy tale character YOU are!



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